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Seksimummot what the fuck book

seksimummot what the fuck book

interesting question to ask yourself is, What kind of pain do I want? Subtlety #3: Whether you realize it or not, you are always choosing what to give a fuck about. Mansons idea of kill yourself is similar to Paul Grahams idea of keep your identity small. When a person has no problems, the mind automatically finds a way to invent some. That makes comparison a very dangerous game to play. Subtlety #2: To not give a fuck about adversity, you must first care about something more important than adversity. The more exposed we are to opposing viewpoints, the more we seem to get upset that those other viewpoints exist. Sigmund Freud People who are terrified of what others think about them are actually terrified of all the negative things they think about themselves being reflected back at them. Dont say fuck it to everything in life, just to the unimportant things. They merely get exchanged or upgraded. How do you write a tons of books? Mansons do something principle sounds a lot like the philosophy behind the 2-minute rule. Were all going to die, all. Rejection of alternatives liberates. They are a call to action. True happiness occurs only when you find the problems you enjoy having and enjoy solving. Our physical bodies will die, but we cling to the idea that we can live on through religion, politics, sports, art, and technological innovation. The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck summary. Commitment, in its own way, offers a wealth of opportunity and experiences that would never otherwise be available to you, no matter how many surface level experiences you pursued. What do you have to lose? The more something threatens how you view yourself, the more you will avoid getting around to doing. Your problems are not privileged in their severity or pain.


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Theres a certain level of joy and meaning that you reach in life only when youve spent decades investing in a single relationship, a single craft, a single career. Thus, we can say that the key to living a good life is not giving a fuck about more things, but rather, giving a fuck only about the things that align with your personal values. The best of the best, worst of the worst, and most upsetting of the upsetting. We shouldnt seek to find the ultimate right answer for ourselves, but rather, we should seek to chip away at the ways that were wrong today so that we can be a little less wrong tomorrow. The magnitude of your success is tied to how many times youve failed at that thing. If I believe Im a nice guy, Ill avoid situations that could potentially contradict that belief. You will never live if you are looking for the meaning of life. Accepting your experience of life as being great and wonderful is the single greatest thing you can do for your happiness. Print eBook, audiobook, the Book in Three Sentences, finding something important and meaningful in your life is the most productive use of your time and energy. seksimummot what the fuck book

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